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Lock Manufacturers | Armstrong Locks Can Provide You Many High Quality Locks from Taiwan

Global News Citizen Reporter Taipei Report Feb 14, 2019 Armstrong Locks can provide you many high quality locks from Taiwan, Fingerprint Padlock SDFP-001: Fingerprint identification: Compliance with ANSI/INCIT 378 and ISO/IEC 19794-2, resolution: 160 x 160. Support 360 touch & recognition, FAR: 1/100000, FR 1.59%. Identified time: 0.7sec. Fingerprint capacity: 30 sets. Battery type: Rechargeable Li-polymer battery. Battery Power: 4.2V 50mAh. MoreArmstrong locksproductsplease go to th...

Hook and Loop Fasteners Manufacturers | Lovetex Industrial is a Professional Hook and Loop Fasteners Manufacturer from Taiwan

Global News Citizen Reporter Taipei Report Feb 13, 2019 Lovetex Industrial is a professional hook and loop fasteners manufacturer from Taiwan, having been in business over 30 years, we have established two factories, located in Taiwan and Vietnam. In order to meet the increasing demand from local and abroad, we keep on expanding production capacity and successfully accessed to new markets in recent years. MoreLovetex Industrialhook and loop fastenersproductsplease go to the our we...

Architectural Hardware Manufacturer | Gee Bridge Can Provide You Many Kinds of Architectural Hardware from Taiwan

Global News Citizen Reporter Taipei Report Feb 13, 2019 Gee Bridge can provide you many kinds of architectural hardware from Taiwan. Gee Bridge International Inc, founded in 1978, is committed to the development of various architectural hardware related products. We help our clients to develop more than 3,000 kinds of products. In 2001, we established an office in Hangzhou. In order to provide you with an unparalleled sourcing experience, our sales and QC personnel ensure all your requir...

Spring Manufacturing Machine | SIMCO Spring Machinery Has Been the Leading Enterprise in Spring Machinery Over Two Decades

Global News Citizen Reporter Taipei Report Feb 13, 2019 SIMCO Spring Machinery Company, founded in 1980, has been the leading enterprise in spring machinery over two decades. For its excellent services, reasonable pricing and high performance, SIMCO has won wide recognition and enjoyed worldwide distribution to America, Europe, Australia, South-East Asia and mainland China, selling more than 2000 machines to hundreds of customers. To better serve the needs of its global customers, SIMCO...